7 (1-4) 2005


Ukrainian national cancer registry: problem of data quality for cancer epidemiological studies of the consequences of Chernobyl accident
Fedorenko Z.P., Goulak L.O., Gorokh Y.L., Soumkina O.V., Ryzhov A.Y.

The radiation-ecological and medical-genetic consequences of Chernobyl disaster after twenty years and the prognosis for the future
Glouchtchenko A.I., Suskov I.I., Baleva L.S., Sipiagina A.E., Checherov K.P.

Modern principles of acute radiation syndromes management
Bondarouk O.S., Moskalets A.I., Torbin V.F., Khudetskiy I.Yu.

Children of Chernobyl. dynamics of non-stochastic thyroid radiation effects
Cheban A.K., Afanasyev D.E., Kopylova O.V., Koval A.N.

Specialized hospital therapeutic care to the radiation disaster injured in the remoter terms
Nikiforov .M., Shantyr I.I., Rdzheusskaya G.V.

Evolution of cardiovascular disorders in remote period after Chornobyl accident in children and adolescent evacuated from Zhytomir area
Kostenko T.A.

Disadaptative syndromes in children and adolescents with thyroid gland cancer
Tolstaya E.V.

Some data of modeling of 137Cs and DDT small doses long-term combined exposure and effect on fertility and posterity
Dobrovolsky L.A., Belashova I.G., Beseda A.Yu.

The state of health of the children living in the Oryol region and born from the parents who participated in eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident
Yakovlev P.A., Kosalenkova N.N., Makarenko A.N.

Results of clinical-epidemiological monitoring conditions of the skin at the persons who were taking part in liquidation of accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station
Shatojan Yu.S., Nyagu A.I., Prikashchikova K.E., Troshchuk L.E.

The characteristic of neurological and immune disturbances of the Chernobyl nuclear power-station crash consequences liquidators in a distant term after the crash
Frolova N.S., Valikova T.A., Aliferova V.M., Zhankova V.I., Kononova L.A., Gredina E.A.

Hypertension and psychic health in LCAS participants
Khomazjuk I.N., Goncharenko L.I.

The alteration of higher psychical functions and the contents of oligopeptids in Chernobyl NPP accident recovery workers in the long term post-accident period
Lyasko L.I., Tsyb A.F., Diyakova A.M., Abramova V.N., Artamonova Yu.Z., Fominenkova N.A.

Social-psychological problems of children and teenagers, the injured owing to Chernobyl accident
Panchenko .., Pugach .., Basarab I.U., Berezovsky V.N.

The characteristic of the non-psychotic depressive disorders among people suffered from the technogenic catastrophe
Tabachnikov S.I., Zdorik F.A., Grinevich E.G., Harchenko E.N., Ros N.O., Markova M.V., Pushkareva T.N., Homenko A.A., Mazenko M.Yu.

Influence of low doses of radiation and psychoemotional stress followed Chornobyl accident on pathogenesis of women reproductive function
Dubchak A.E.



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