Dear Colleagues!

The place chosen for the publishing of the International Journal of Radiation Medicine was
the epicentre of the Chernobyl catastrophe — Ukraine. We shall be grateful to all scientists and physicians for their international cooperation, which will promote the solution of problems on rendering medical help, developing rehabilitation-al, social and educational programs. The purposes of the program of the International Journal of Radiation Medicine are the
spreading of scientific knowledge and information about the ionising radiation impact on public health; coverage of world knowledge in radiation medicine; all-round analysis of medical, biological and social consequences of Chernobyl and other radiation accidents; quick informing of population about the methods of radiation protection and rehabilitation of survivors; informing world science and the public about the achievements of radiation medicine in Ukraine.
We are sure that a reflection of world scientific experience in the field of radiation medicine on the pages of our magazine will promote an improved rapport between researchers from different countries and the optimisation of rendering medical and social help to survivors from radiation accidents.
With hopes on fruitful cooperation,
Editorship of International Journal of Radiation Medicine


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